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What's so unique about 'Stand Up & Speak Out!'?

I created 'Stand Up & Speak Out!' with a focus on real-world business situations rather than generic theory. We utilize role-play and video throughout the 20 lessons to help prepare you for your next sales presentation, interview, breakout session, managerial 1:1, and more.

"I saw volunteer speakers improve

  after 15 seconds of feedback from Gina."

Geoffrey G.,

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

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Can I really learn in a group setting?

While these are group sessions, The training and feedback you receive is tailored to you: to your current level of expertise and your personal goals. This focus helps you to improve quickly; to literally be a more effective communicator after every session.


And the more we work together, the more nuanced and skilled you will become. Complete all 20 exercises and you'll receive a Certificate of Communication Excellence .

Is individual training available?

Absolutely. I work with executives, community leaders, entertainers, life coaches, and aspiring politicians. Contact me for details and availability.

"Gina is the “Holy Grail” of insight on

 communication strategies, tactics, and

 going beyond surviving to actually thriving

 as women & allies in business. 

Veronica R.,

Zurich North America

"I could not stop taking notes! The value I received from my first class blew my mind. This class pushes you to reach a potential you cannot reach on your own."

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