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Keynote Speaking

Gina Grahame is known for the the personal connection and lasting impact she makes with every member of the audience.


A national and international award-winning speaker, Gina uses humor, pathos, insight into the human condition, and story to create a presentation that's unique to your audience, and supports your message and goals. 

Gina has wowed audiences from across the world and industries, including  automotive, banking, business associations, LGBTQ+, personal empowerment, professional development, tech, videogame development, women's enrichment, and all points in between.


Book Gina to turn your event into a memorable experience!

"Gina is magnificent. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was moved by her presentation. Sharing her story, certainly had elements many of us could relate to, but the gift she gave us that night was sharing her journey with such honesty, warmth and humor; sharing both pain and sorrow, that left us breathless.


Indeed Gina was right, we did not leave being the same person as we were before we met her."

 - Louise Chernin, President & CEO

  Greater Seattle Business Association

Stand Ovation.png

"Wow - simply awesome. Personal to the max. Had me glued to my seat with tears in my eyes"


"Brilliant. Nuanced, sensitive,
nice touches 
of humor!"


"Powerful, relevant, and insightful! I feel changed by experiencing this talk.

Thank you!"


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