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Interview for 'I'm From Driftwood'

Gina Grahame discusses growing up in a fundamentalist Christian home, and the subsequent conversation she had with the minister upon her coming out as transsexual. 

Read the full interview here - 

Keywords: Christianity, Religion, Bible, Gender, Sexuality, Transsexual, Transgender. LGBT, LGBTQ

Toastmaster's World Championship of Public Speaking

Gina Grahame performing her District 4 winning speech, 'Time For A Change', as part of the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking, 2016. 

Keywords: Toastmasters, Change management, LGBT, Coming Out, Transsexual, Transgender

'The labels placed upon us by others' (clip)

Gina Grahame describes a short list of the names and labels people have placed on her and the impact they can have. 

Keywords: Labels, Bullying, Gender, Sexuality, Mental Health, Transsexual, Transgender. LGBT, LGBTQ

Gina talks of a suicide attempt and of being transsexual (clip)

Gina Grahame talks of a suicide attempt because of her transsexuality, and of then reaching out for help.

Keywords: Suicide, Depression, Shame, Mental Health, Therapy, Transsexual, Transgender. LGBT, LGBTQ

Gina talks of shame, rejection, and personal empowerment (clip)

Gina Grahame shares the empowering story of her conversation with a 72 year old woman who is a survivor of domestic violence.

Keywords: Shame, Rejection, Personal Empowerment, Domestic Violence, Transsexual, Transgender. LGBT, LGBTQ

'Miss Understood' by Gina Grahame

Gina Grahame gives an empowering talk about what it means to be a woman with a transsexual history, to be 'Miss Understood'.

Keywords: Transsexual, Transgender. LGBT, LGBTQ, Women's Empowerment, Women's Suffrage

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