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Executive Development

The Grahame Institute of Strategic Communication specializes in strategic communication for building executive presence as part of professional development. GISC's core focus is on 1:1 coaching, and small group training within architecture/engineering/construction (AEC), finance, and top-tier tech companies. 


GISC expertise and methods of communication development are rooted in experience, not theory. Teaching only what we know to be effective and actionable is the hallmark of the GISC.​ 


Our focus on the individual ensures a relaxed, supportive atmosphere where attendees actively participate, regardless of age, gender, skill level, or primary language.  Attendees receive, and put into practice, individualized feedback; ensuring each leaves with an increased proficiency and self-confidence that comes from having personally turned theory into application.





Extemporaneous Speaking



'Stand Up.

 Speak Out!'


Executive Presence


If you want to be perceived as a leader, then you need to look, sound, and appear to be a leader.


GISC workshops focus on the 3 Elements of Executive Presence: Appearance, Communication Skills, and Voice, along with how to prepare for a presentation or participation in group meetings. 

'Building Executive Presence' workshops are an integral, on going part of the Leadership Development program for companies of all sizes.

"I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a training so much! Gina's session was insightful, engaging and fun; a rare combination. I came away enlightened and equipped with actionable strategies to strengthen my presence, and I had some good laughs along the way."

Ada W.,




'Story' is power. Statistics can influence a decision, but story is what provides context, meaning, inspires, and separates you from your competition.

'The Origin Story', 'The Customer Story, and 'The Industry Story' are the
most common examples of effective use of in sales, business development, and marketing.


What's your company's story?.. what does it say about your brand?.. would your clients or target audience agree with you?... and most importantly, is every member of your team able to relay that story in an effective, memorable manner?

“Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business, it’s good business.”

- Peter Guber

  CEO Mandalay Entertainment

Sales Training

The latest CRM software is worthless unless so give your people the training and skills they need to succeed. Gone are the 'Glenngary Glen Ross' days of intimidation and bravado, today's client are more diverse, more savvy, and have more vendor choices than ever before. GISC sales training focuses on the soft skills needed for success in relationship, not transactional, sales. 

Sales Training


GISC training focuses on:

  • Active listening

  • Speaking on your feet

  • Effective e-mail creation 

  • In-person, phone, and webinar presentations

  • Effective Powerpoint creation

  • Active roleplay

"I'm often surprised at how many people have an adverse reaction to the word 'sales'. 'Sales' is simply the act of motivating another person to act in a way of your choosing. If your partner wants sushi and you want you pizza, you're in sales".

-- Gina Grahame

Extemporaneous Speaking


"I don't need communication training; I love to talk!" is a common refrain, but believing 'loving to talk' is the same as being an effective communicator, is like believing one is a chef because they love to eat.


Effective Extemporaneous Speaking is perhaps the most needed tool in leadership; the ability to take in data, determine the key point(s), formulate a reply and potential course of action, and then deliver a response that is clear, concise, motivational, and executable. The GISC will help you and your tream th

GISC training focuses on Six Core Points

  • Active listening

  • Solution / Response formulation

  • 'Inch wide and mile deep' vs 'mile wide and inch deep'

  • Supporting points

  • Story / Example / Analogy

  • Delivering an effective close

Presentation Skills


The crafting of an effective presentation depends on your understanding of four key points: Knowing your audience, knowing your time restraints, knowing the true emotion center of your material, and having a clear ask.

This is true of every presentation whether it's a biz pitch, a keynote, or a sales presentation.

GISC training dissects each facet, helping you determine what you do best, and the specific small changes that will have maximum effect. 

Make em Laugh_310w.png

'Stand Up. Speak Out!'


'Stand Up. Speak Out!' is a proprietary, 20 lesson, program designed specifically to help high-performing professionals be more effective communicators.  

The program's lessons can be gone thru in any order each individual desires. Upon completion of all twenty speeches, you’ll receive a Certification of Proficiency along with a digital badge that can be placed on your website, CV, and social media accounts.

The GISC can also combine lessons into a unique workshop experience to fit your organization's needs. 

'SUSO' uses real-world scenarios as the base for each lesson, including:

  • Honing your elevator pitch  

  • Effective networking

  • Combating Imposter Syndrome

  • Extemporaneous speaking

  • Managing a meeting

  • Creating your slide deck

  • Managing Up/Down

SUSO Quote-2.png

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