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Political Candidate Training

GISC actively works to help women and LGBTQ & Allied candidates prepare, run, win, and govern in elected offices across the country; to help create a government that is truly representative of the people of the country. 



Your personal story

Create personal connections quickly

Learn to 'be authentacious!'(R)


Media / Interview Preparation

Extemporaneous Speaking

Town hall Prep

Debate Prep 


Thinking of running for office?..  


GISC will create a 'boot camp' customized for you


Candidates need to be more than just 'real', and need to do more than just be against Donald Trump; you need to stand for policies that will benefit your constituency. Being told 'there's nothing to worry about' may be what you want to hear, but that's not what you need to hear when you have cancer.  Facts matter. Integrity matters. Merit matters.

Candidates need to be able to relay their core principles, and their positions on the challenges that people are facing every day over their kitchen table. You need to not only engage with people who believe differently than yourself, you should welcome the opportunity.


You won't win them all, but with a willingness to listen as well as speaking the truth - even when your belief isn't popular - you will win a few. That's how a movement begins!

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