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'Biz Pitch' Coaching

Effective coaching is not 'one size fits all' for any organization or industry. GISC approaches each client with the understanding that everything about your organization is unique: your goal, your message, your desired outcome,  and most importantly, your team.

GISC methods are rooted in our experience of working with individuals and teams of diverse personal and technical backgrounds, along with presentational skill and comfortability level.

GISC Client Success!


Ghirardelli Associates Inc announces award of a $178M contract through the California Department of Toxic Substance Control. Ghirardelli Associates specializes in construction management and has nine office throughout California.

"Gina's coaching sessions were very effective: focused to meet my demanding schedule, insightful feedback, delivery that hastened my comprehension. Gina is direct, analytical, thoughtful and creative. She forges her guidance in moments and it is right on target. Perfection."

Lonnie Coplan,

ARC Founder + President

Alternative + Renewable Construction (ARC)

“Gina is that rare breed of coach: a supportive mentor who helps you quickly and efficiently realize your own potential and zeroes in on the most effective way to get there. Her insights for presentation training were a revelation to me (and I’m a presentation trainer myself!). Highest recommendation.”

David Landis, President

Landis Communications, Inc (LCI)

America’s #1 PR Firm (Small Firm) and
              #1 Healthcare PR Agency,  

              Ragan’s Ace Awards

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