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'be authentacious'®

'be authentacious'® is a personal empowerment program to help you overcome personal limitations, societal and familial expectations, and to be your best unique self; it's a social movement, based on the belief that to be your best self includes empowering others to do the same.




Breakout Sessions







"'Authentic' is played out. It's overused, watered down, and it's ego driven.  The jerk at the end of the bar may be authentic, but their actions aren't helping others or making the world a better place.

I felt we needed a better word. A word that was bold, proactive, and empowering. A word that embodies the belief that to be your best self you need to be audacious, bodacious, courageous and voracious - you need to be authentacious!"

-- Gina Grahame


Attendees speak about 'Be Authentacious ' seminars 

"Truly Inspirational. Thank you for helping me realize my life's purpose!"

“Unbelievably amazing. Moved me internally, completely connected to my core. Empowered me to be myself and makes me want to change the world. Thank you!!”

“This was exactly what I needed to hear to turn my life around and be the person I never thought I could be!” 

“I LOVED this session. Very informative and helped me put parts of my life in perspective.” 

"Love your presentation - 'being the hero of your own story' changes everything!! "

“The session and exercise was well thought out for the convention. Gina also wears cowboy boots, so she's obviously a badass!”  

“Wow - simply awesome. Personal to the max. Had me glued to my seat with tears in my eyes” 

"Gina's brutal honesty is inspirational!"

"Gina's truth changes lives, including mine."

"Powerful, relevant, and insightful! I feel changed by experiencing this talk. Thank you!"

"I learned that I can let go of being a victim by replacing it with being my own hero. Thank you, Gina!"

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